You can skip (waive) the pending charges of a suspended membership from the Suspended Memberships report. You can activate the membership after waiving the fee or let it remain in the suspended status. Also, you can award or withhold credits on waived payments.

To waive payments on a suspended membership

  1. Click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organizations > Reports > Memberships > Suspended Memberships.

  3. On the Suspended Memberships report, select the relevant criteria to filter the list of suspended memberships.

  4. Find the membership that you want to charge, and click the Waive link. 

  5. On the Waive Collection window, select the checkbox for the invoice you want to waive. 

  6. If you want to award service credits on the waived charges, select the Award service credits checkbox.

  7. Click Waive to waive the charge, but keep the membership suspended.
     If you want to activate the membership, click Waive and Activate.

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