The number of collection attempts to make before suspending a membership and their frequency can be set up for the entire organization. However, you can overwrite these settings with different criteria for selected centers. 

To set up Dunning settings for suspending memberships

  1. Make sure that you are at the organization level.
  2. Open the Edit Organization window (Admin > Admin Dashboard > Organizations > Organization Name).
  3. On the Edit Organization window, click the Settings > Memberships.
  4. Under the Recurring Payments – Dunning Settings, enter the following:
  • In the Attempt to collect payment every box, enter the frequency to attempt collections, in terms of days. 
  • In the list next to Change collection status to, select Suspended. 
  • In the box next to After, select the number of attempts to make to change membership status to Suspended.
  • In the box next to Keep trying for, enter the number of extra attempts to make after the suspending the membership.


Observe the highlighted settings in the following image:

  • The number in the box next to Attempt to collect payment every is 1, so Zenoti tries to collect the payment once every day.
  • The number in the box next to After is 1, so the Memberships Status changes to Suspended when the first attempt fails.
  • The number in the box next to keep trying for is 5, so 5 more attempts are made for collection after suspending the membership. Until these attempts remain, the Recurrence Status would be Suspended (Pending tries), and after these extra attempts are over, the status changes to Suspended.

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