Zenoti tries to process membership payments that are past their due date for selected number of times. The number of attempts and their frequency, called Dunning settings, are usually defined at the organization level.

If the membership uses a stored card and all collection attempts fail, the membership is Suspended.  For membership with other payment types, the membership remains active until the wait period. If the guest doesn't pay in the wait period and the payment invoice remains open, the membership is then suspended.
Note: Membership suspension is automatic and cannot be performed manually.

Suspended Statuses

  • Membership Status: Changes to Suspended when the specified number of payment attempts fail. But the recurrence or collection status could differ as explained below.

  • Recurrence Status Payment attempts can be set up to occur post membership suspension. Depending on their outcome, the following collection statuses are possible:  
     - Suspended (Pending attempts)
    : When there are remaining collection attempts
    after membership suspension.
     - Suspended
    : When no extra attempts are set up after membership suspension or
       after those attempts also fail.

Learn how to set up recurring payment (or Dunning) settings for suspended memberships

Suspended Membership: What happens to benefits?

The accrued benefits on a suspended membership can or cannot be used based on your organization setting.

Learn more: Enabling or Disabling Redemptions on Suspended Memberships

Important actions:

  • Waive pending fee on a suspended membership: It's likely that your members might want to skip payments for a number of reasons such as having accrued membership benefits that they want to use before they make further payments, or a sudden financial hardship. In such cases, you can waive the pending fee on a suspended membership. You also have an option to activate the membership after waiving a payment. The guest wouldn’t accrue any benefits for the skipped payments.
    Learn how to skip pending fee on a suspended membership

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