The Services tab of the Create New Promotion page allows you select services and specify promotional points to be awarded during the promotion period.

To specify promotional points for any service:

  1. Expand the Service drop-down from the Name field and locate the service(s).

  2. Select the services from the Select field and enter the value of points to be awarded for the service in the Points field.

If a guest avails any service for which you have configured promotional points, the points specified for the service will override the points configured in the General tab.

For example, consider the following:

  • In the General tab, for Purchase of service action, if you specify 20 points for $100 spent.

  • In the Services tab you specify 50 points for a Hair Coloring service which costs $75.

  • If a guest purchases a Hair Coloring service, during billing, 50 points are accrued to the guest.
    Here the points specified In the Services tab, override the General tab settings.

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