The General tab of the Create New Promotion page allows you to create a promotion and define accrual and redemption settings and has the following fields:

  • Promotion Name: Enter a unique name for the promotion.

  • Code: Enter a code for the promotion.

  • Description: Enter a brief description for the promotion.

  • Points accrual type for rebooked services: Specify whether the points accrual for rebooked services should be based on Flat value or Based on amount spent

  • Restrict loyalty points program to members only: Turn ON this setting if you wish to restrict the loyalty program to members only.

  • Purchase Dates: Select the dates between which the purchases are awarded promotional points.

  • Actions: Select check-boxes to activate desired actions and specify promotional points accrual. For more information on the accrual actions, see accrual settings.

  • Redemption Settings:
    Specify the date or days from when the points can be redeemed:
    - In the Start On field, select the start date for redeeming points.
    - In the days after the purchase field, specify the number of days after  
      purchase from when the guest can redeem points.  
      For example, if 30 is entered in this field, then the guest can redeem  
      points accrued only after 30 days of the purchase.

    Specify the end date or days to redeem the accrued points for this promotion:
    - In the End On field, select the end date to redeem points.
    - In the days after the purchase field, specify the number days after purchase,  
      after which the guest cannot redeem points.  
      For example, if 60 is entered in this field, then the guest cannot redeem points  
      after 60 days of the purchase.

  • Auto Apply:
    - This field is checked by default.    
     Meaning, the points configured for the promotion are applied automatically    during billing in POS.
    - If you do not wish to automatically apply the points configured for the promotion,   clear this field. To apply the promotional points, you must create a campaign,  
      link the Loyalty Point Promotion, and select the Campaign manually in POS.

  • Calculate commission on point redemption amount as a Free Service
    - This field is clear by default, meaning, no commission is paid to the service  
      provider for the invoice amount paid through loyalty points.
    - Select this field if the service provider should be paid a commission as per  
      the slab set for the Free Service Revenue.
      The commission then is paid on   payments made via cash, card, check,
      or configured custom payments.

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