If you have set up Regular loyalty program in your organization, you can use loyalty points promotions as an effective tool to encourage guests to try new services or products:

Using loyalty points promotions, you can:

  • Create loyalty points promotion and award guests extra loyalty points for a limited period of time. 

  • During a promotion period, if promotion is configured for a center, the accrual settings of the promotion override the accrual settings of the organization.

  • Loyalty points accrued during the promotion can later be redeemed by the guest on future invoices, thus resulting in guest retention and business enhancement.

  • Create promotions to incentivize and encourage guests to try new services, products, or centers.

  • Set expiry for the points earned during a promotion and specify the duration by which the points must be redeemed.
    This in turn motivates guests to visit your establishment again to redeem the points while they are still valid.

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