You can set role-based access to reports to ensure that employees access only those reports that are relevant to their role.

For example, you can set restrictions for a supervisor to access only the reports related to Appointments and not the Sales reports.

Note: You can only set access restrictions for a role at the category level and not at the individual report level. For example, you can only choose to restrict access to all the Sales report within the Admin module and not to a specific sales report.

To set role-based access to reports:

1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

2. Navigate to Organization > Security Roles.

3. Click the role for which you wish to set permissions.
    For example, Supervisor.
    The Edit Role page opens.

4. Click the PERMISSIONS tab.

5. The following are the categories of reports within each of the
     permission categories: 

  • Administrator
    Permission Name: Daily Reports and View Admin Reports.
    Report Categories: The View Admin Reports permission contains the Sales, Collections, Revenue, Accounting, CSI Export, Xero, Alerts, Prescription, Appointments, Utilization, Notifications, Membership Status, Suspended Memberships, Classes, Import Export, and Tally Exports.

  • Employee Manager
    Permission Name: View Employee Reports.
    Report Categories: Commission, Performance, Team, Time, Sales, Attendance, and Payroll.

  • Inventory Manager
    Permission Name: View Inventory Reports.
    Report Categories: Sales, Orders, Expenditure, Value, Consumption, Bill of Materials, Returns, Alerts, Taxes, Audit History, Orders History, and Online Product Sales.

  • Loyalty Manager
    Permission Name: View Loyalty Reports.
    Report Categories: Guests, Balances, Custom Data, Enrollment, Feedback, and Targets.

  • Marketing Manager
    Permission Name
    : View Marketing Reports.
    Report Categories: Effectiveness, Guests, Memberships, Prepaid Cards, Packages, Loyalty Points, Redemptions, and Gift Cards.

  • Sales
    Permission Name
    : View Sales Reports.
    Report Categories: Pipeline and Conversion.

6. Based on your requirement, expand the desired category and restrict or
    grant access to report categories for the role.
    For example, consider the following screenshot for a supervisor role:

    From the screenshot, an employee with a supervisor role can access only
    the reports that are related to commissions and attendance.

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