There are several possible reasons why  an email/text message was not delivered or is not seen by  a guest.
The following are some of the common scenarios and troubleshooting steps:

Email Notifications

Guest did not receive the notification email.

1. Email could have been delivered to the guest's Spam folder instead of the Inbox.
   Guide the guest to check the Spam folder.

2. Navigate to the guest profile and click the Notifications tab.
    Review the status of the notification. The notification can have Failed, Sent
    or Pending status.

  • If the status is Sent, the message has been delivered successfully.

  • If the status is Pending, then Zenoti is awaiting confirmation that the email was delivered. Check the status again after few minutes.

  • If the status is Failed, it could mean that one of the prerequisites have not been met and you must check other settings.

3. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Settings and ensure Activate email
    option is selected.

4. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Email/Texts and ensure the notification  
    template (for which issue is reported) has Email set to On.

5. The guest's action should match the configured accrual settings of the
    Regular loyalty program and the individual tier settings of the
    Tiered loyalty program.

6. If the loyalty points program is limited to members only, then the guest must
    hold a membership to be eligible for loyalty points
    Note: This is applicable only for Regular loyalty program.

7. If it is a Tiered loyalty points program, points accrued will be credited at the end
   of business hours.
   The email/text message will be sent on the next day of the purchase.

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