Recurring memberships have two types of statuses:

  1. Memberships status: Determines if the guests can redeem membership benefits

  2. Recurrence status (or Collection Status): Determines the status of the most recent payments

Intro to Membership statuses 

A membership can have one of these statuses:

  • Inactive

  • Active

  • Frozen

  • Suspended

  • Cancelled

  • Expired

  • Failed

  • Closed

As stated above, membership status determines if the guests can use their remaining credits, and use membership-related discounts. 

When a membership status is active, guests can use their membership benefits like credit value, service credits (pre-paid), and discounts.  If it is a different membership status, such as Cancelled or Suspended, the redemption of benefits depends on the type of the status and your organization settings. 

The status of an active recurring membership changes to 'Failed' if payment via credit/debit card is not honored on the scheduled bill date of membership renewal.

Intro to Recurrence Statuses (or Collection Status)

A membership can have one of these recurrence statuses: 

  • Inactive

  • Active

  • Frozen

  • Suspended

  • Suspended (Pending tries)

  • Cancelled

  • Expired

Most times membership status and recurrence status are similar, but it doesn’t have to be so always. For example, if you want to cancel a membership, but allow the guests to use the membership benefits for a few more days, the Recurrence Status (or Collection Status) becomes Cancelled, but Membership status remains Active. 

Apart from membership and recurrence statuses, there is also a collection status, but that is almost identical to recurrence status, except in a few exceptional cases, where it is further divided within a recurrence status. 

Common User Needs and Corresponding Statuses and Actions

Below is the list of most common actions and how they impact membership and recurrence statuses. It also shows how the payments and benefits redemptions are affected.

Reference: MS = Membership status ; RS = Recurrence Status (or Collection Status)

Membership sold with a future payment date
A guest signs up for a membership (and possibly pays enrollment fee), but schedules the payment for a later date

  • MS: Inactive

  • RS: Inactive

  • Benefits: Cannot be redeemed

Membership collection successful
Example: A guest pays and signs up for a membership today; a monthly draft was successfully collected. 

  • MS: Active

  • RS: Active

  • Benefits: Can be redeemed 

A membership payment failed
Example: Membership fee couldn't be collected from guest's online card; the wait period of a cash payment is over, but the guest hasn't turned up to pay.

  • MS: Suspended

  • RS: One of these two statuses depending on your payment settings:
    - Suspended – Pending tries (If post suspension attempts are set up in Dunning
    - Suspended (If post suspension attempts are not set up or fail)

  • Benefits: Depends on organization settings

Membership is frozen
Example: A users is travelling for a few months and wants to keep her membership on hold; a guest wants to keep his payments to be withheld until he uses the benefits

  • MS: One of the following:
    - Active (If Allow guest to use benefits and skip payments in freeze period is on)
    - Frozen (If Allow guest to use benefits and skip payments in freeze period is not  

  • RS: Frozen

  • Benefits: Can be redeemed if  Allow guest to use benefits and skip payments in freeze period is on

Membership expires
Membership reaches the expiry date

  • MS: Expired

  • RS: Expired

  • Benefits: Depends on the organization settings 

Note: When the last collection of a membership is completed, the collection (recurrence) status changes to Expired. However, the membership status remains Active.

Membership is canceled
Example: A guest wants to cancel the membership due to personal reasons

  • MS: One of the following statuses:
     - Active: If the termination date is set for future
     - Canceled: If the termination date is set for the same day

  • RS: Canceled

  • Benefits:
     - Existing benefits can be redeemed until the termination date
     - After the termination date, service credits can be redeemed depending on
      organization setting

Membership is closed
Example: A guest wants you to refund the base invoice (membership) or any collection. While issuing a refund, you close the membership.

  • MS: Closed

  • RS: Canceled

  • Benefits:
    - Existing benefits cannot be redeemed until the membership is reinstated.

Membership Cancellation Scheduled for later
Example: A guest is moving out of town in three months and wants the membership to be canceled then

  • MS: Active until the scheduled date

  • RS: Active until the scheduled date

  • Benefits: Can be redeemed

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