Zenoti  supports  HTML code for use in email campaigns.  We've provided three sample templates to use for your own email campaigns.

Click on a thumbnail below to see the template.

Appointment Reminder email

Birthday Offer email:

Discount/Promotion email

To use these templates:

1. Open a template in a new browser window. Right click on the page (in the text area, not over an image) and select “View Page Source” from the menu. 

2. Copy the HTML text into Notepad or other editor.

3. Replace the placeholder text and insert your own company, address, phone number, etc.. You can also update colors and replace images. Update the content of the email with your own language or discount/offer accordingly.   

4. In your Zenoti account, set up your email campaign as usual. To use this template, copy and paste the html code into the email message area.  Use the preview button to verify the email looks correct.

Note: The html email cannot exceed 4000 characters.

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