The process to redeem loyalty points is the same for both Regular and Tiered loyalty programs.
Important: You must be aware of the following:

  • Guests can choose to redeem loyalty points points only against the purchase of Products, Services, Series and Custom Packages, Day Packages, and Gift Cards. 

  • Guests cannot redeem loyalty points in a group bill.

To redeem loyalty points against an invoice:

1. Open the Take Payment screen of an appointment

2. In the Collect Payment section, click Points.
    The options available to redeem points appear.

3. In the Loyalty Programs field, you will see the Balance and currency value (the total
    points accrued by the guest and their equivalent currency value from all the
    tiers or loyalty programs that is guest accrued points in).
    Note: We recommend that you leave this option unchanged. If you leave this option
    unchanged, during redemption, Zenoti, by default redeems the points that are set
    to expire first.

4. (Optional) If the guest requests you to redeem points from one of the loyalty
    programs or tiers that the guest accrued points in, select the desired program or
    tier from the Loyalty Program drop-down list.

5. In the Points field, enter the number of points that the guest wishes to redeem.
    You will see the currency value of the points that you are about to redeem.

6. Click Add Payment.

7. The loyalty points redemption details are displayed at the left-top corner
     (for pre-tax redemptions) or right-bottom corner (for post-tax and tiered
     loyalty programs) of the invoice.

     Pre-Tax Redemption

     Post-Tax Redemption

8. If there is any balance pending after redeeming points (due to restriction on
    the points to redeem or if the guest wishes to redeem only a portion of accrued
    points), you can complete the payment using other payment options
    (cash, credit, etc.)

9. Click the desired Close button (print or mail), to close the invoice.

10. Based on your selection of Close button, an option to print a receipt or
    an e-mail confirmation comes up.

11. In addition to regular details, the receipt or e-mail has information on
    redeemed, accrued, and balance points.

    Regular Program Receipt

    Tiered Program Receipt

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