Viewing loyalty points from the appointment book

To view the points accrued by a guest from the appointment book, do the following:

  1. Open the guest's profile in the Appointment Book.

  2. Click the POINTS tab.

  3. You will see the balance points, monetary value of the points, as well as the accrual and redemption history.

  4. In a Tiered loyalty program, you will additionally see the following:

  • Enrollment Date: The date on which the guest was first enrolled into the loyalty program.

  • Current Tier: The tier the guest currently is in and from when.

  • Amount to Spend: The amount the guest has to spend and by when, to continue to remain in the current tier

Viewing loyalty points from the webstore and CMA

The Points tab in the Webstore or the Customer Mobile App displays the balance points available for the Loyalty programs that the guest is enrolled in.
The guest can further drill-down and view the accrual and redemption history.

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