If your organization has defined categories for appointments, the Appointment Book automatically displays them based on how the categories have been customized. For instance, if you have assigned a custom color to an appointment category, all appointments that belong to that category automatically reflect the assigned color in the Appointment Book's custom color view (learn how to switch to or from a custom color view).

While in the Appointment Book, you can manually assign a predefined category to appointments using the Appointment Info panel.

Assign a Predefined Category to an Appointment

  1. In the Appointment Book, open the Appointment Info panel by adding or modifying an appointment – click an appointment block and select New Appointment (if new) or Modify Appointment (if existing).

  2. Click the Appointment Category drop-down list and select a category.

     3. Click Save.

In the custom color view, the appointment block reflects the custom color (if any) of the selected appointment category. Zenoti overrides any prior color code of the appointment block. Learn more about custom color codes

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