The standard colors that come by default with Zenoti are limited to only indicate the status changes of appointments and cannot be customized.

However, you can assign custom colors to identify and distinguish between various appointment types. By assigning custom colors, you create a (separate) customized view of the Appointment Book. The default standard colors that indicate status changes remain unchanged in the standard color view. You can toggle between the custom and standard color view at any point in the Appointment Book.
The status changes of appointments have no impact on the custom colors that you assign to appointment types. For instance, if you customize all hair-related service appointments to appear in yellow, then the appointment booked for a hair-related service—in the custom color view—remains yellow whether the appointment status is new, checked in, confirmed or paid.

Create a Customized Appointment Book View 

Zenoti lets you create a customized view in the Appointment Book by assigning custom colors to the following:

  • Appointment category:  Assign custom colors to appointment categories for easy identification. For instance, if you assign yellow to an appointment category created for VIP guests, the Appointment Book's custom color view automatically displays all appointments of VIP guests in yellow. Learn more

  • Service category or subcategory: Assign custom colors to service categories and subcategories to identify and differentiate between booked services in your Appointment Book. For instance, you may want all body treatment service appointments to appear in green while all hair treatment service appointments to appear in orange. Learn more

  • Default category: Assign a custom default color to all appointments that are not associated with any appointment category or service category. Learn more

Zenoti's Order of Precedence while Color-Coding Appointments

Zenoti follows the below order while assigning custom colors to an appointment in the custom color view:

  1. Appointment category color: If you have manually assigned a category to the appointment, Zenoti applies the custom color defined for that appointment category and overrides any other color.

  2. Membership appointment category color: If there is no manual assignment of an appointment category, Zenoti checks if the appointment includes a guest with a membership, and then applies the appointment category color defined for that membership.

  3. Service category and subcategory: If neither of the above applies, Zenoti assigns the custom color defined for the subcategory or category of the service in the appointment.

  4. Default appointment color: Finally, if the appointment does not even have a service subcategory or category color assigned, Zenoti applies the default category color to it.

Striped Color Codes in Appointment Blocks 

You will notice that some of the appointment blocks have a colored stripe on the left. 

Here's what these colored stripes mean. 

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