You can offer personalized services to your guests through detailed guest data stored on Zenoti's Guest Details page, which includes the guest’s personal details, preferences, appointment history, purchase history, membership details, loyalty points, and much more. You can perform several other tasks such as processing refunds and updating guest data from the same page.

After you add a guest to Zenoti, the Guest Details page becomes the hub for all information relevant to managing a guest's experience at your center. It helps you understand the buying patterns and preferences of your guests among other essential information, and enables you to provide them a personalized experience at your center.

Refund Information in Guest History

Guest history also provides details on item-level refund. If you have refunded a guest for a service, product, membership, or packages then, the details of refund such as invoice number, refund date, and refund amount are shown under respective tabs in the Guest History page. 

  • Services related refunds are shown under the Appointments tab. 

  • Product related refunds are shown under the Products tab.

  • Memberships related refunds are shown under the Memberships tab.

  • Packages related refunds are shown under the Packages tab. 

The Appointment Book provides the following different ways to access the Guest Details page:

Note: Whichever way you choose to access the Guest Details page, it always opens to the General tab that contains the guest’s personal details. This tab has various sections such as Personal info (such as name, mail ID, phone), Login info (such as username, password), Relationships and card sharing details, Address, and

Preferences (such as Center, language, notifications for Transactional and Marketing messages).

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