You can decide the order in which your providers should appear on the Appointment Book for your center. For example, you may want to display your providers based on their names (alphabetical order), jobs, or working hours. 

After you configure this set up. the front desk can sort the therapists from the Appointment Book - this is temporary. However, once the front desk logs out, Zenoti reverts to the therapist display order based on your settings. 

Tip: You can allow or prevent the front desk from sorting the order of therapists using the Enable Sorting of therapists in Appointment Book from Admin Dashboard > Organization > Organizations > Settings.

To set up the order in which therapists should appear on the Appointment Book:

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers > Name of the center > Settings > Appointment Book.

  3. Click one of these options for the Therapists Display Order:
    Important: For any option that you choose, Zenoti shows new employees and newly deputed employees (employees on loan to your center) at the end of the display order.

  • By Name: Lists the active therapists of the center and employees deputed to the center in an alphabetical order.
    Note: If as the front desk, you change the display order of providers on the Appointment Book (when it is set to By Name), Zenoti saves this new order automatically.
    For example, assume that the top three names on your Appointment Book are Anna, Brett, and Catherine. As the front desk, you change this order to Anna, Catherine, and Brett. Zenoti will continue to show the providers in the same order even if you change the date using the calendar or if you log out of Zenoti and then log back in again.

  • By Job: Lists the active therapists of the center and employees deputed to the center in the order of their job titles.

  • Custom: Allows you to set up a custom display order for your providers.  

  • By Schedule: Lists your providers based on their working hours and the order in which they are expected to report to work at your center. The name of the provider who comes in earliest appears at the top of the list. 

  • By Booking Value: Lists your providers based on the booking value (value of services) they have performed so far on a given day. This sort order works only after invoices are closed (center earns the revenue). The therapist with the maximum booking value (at a given time) appears at the bottom. In a sense, this sort order is dynamic and changes each time an invoice is closed at your center.

You can further choose to display the earnings of the provider using the following settings:
Important: These settings are effective only after invoices are closed.

a) Percentage of Booking Value to show in Appointment Book: Specify the percentage of booking value you want to show. For example, if a provider has a booking value of $200 and you specify 100% here, the Appointment Book shows $200 as booking value for the therapist. If however, you specify 50%, the Appointment Book shows $100 as the booking value.
b) Show booking value in Appointment Book: Select this checkbox if you want to show the booking value of a provider on the Appointment Book. The booking value appears alongside the name of the therapist. 

4. Click Save.
    Zenoti displays the providers in the order you specify on the Appointment Book.  

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