Zenoti allows you to classify the Rooms in your Center into different Room Categories, so that you can use them to the appropriate type of Services and treatments that you offer.

Important: You can create Room Categories only at the Organization level. Later, at the Center level, you can associate your Rooms to these Room Categories.

Example: You could have separate Room Categories for full-body massages, hair-specific treatments, facials, and massages for couples.

To create Room Categories:

1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

2. Navigate to Categories > Rooms.

3. Click Add.

4. Enter the Name, Code, and Description for the Room Category.
  See the screenshot and field description below for examples.
  Note: The Room Category Name and Code are mandatory fields by default.

  • Name: Enter a name for the Room Category.
    Example: Full Body Massage RC (you could add a similar suffix or prefix just to quickly identify the Room Categories and keep it distinct from Room names, as both, Room names and Room Category names could be similar). It is a best practice to evolve a standard naming convention for Room Categories and Rooms.
    Note: Category name can have the following special characters as well:


  • Code: Enter a Code for the Room Category. Again, it is a best practice to evolve a naming convention around giving Room Category Codes - doing so will also make it easy for you to search and associate Rooms at a later stage.
    Example: RC_001 

  • Description: Enter an appropriate description for the Room Category - the description should ideally describe what the Room Category and the Services it offers.
    Example: Use this category to associate rooms where you offer full body massages.    

5. Click Finish.
    You can view the new Room Category in the Manage Room Categories page.
    Note: To export the list of Room Categories, on the top right corner, click the Excel ,     PDF , or .CSV  icons. Field Descriptions

You can now create and associate Rooms to the Room Categories you just created. Learn how.

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