To associate services to the room

  1. Enter General Information for a room. 

  2. Navigate to the Services tab.

  3. In the filter, Zenoti applies the Current Center filter by default and displays a list of services offered at your center. If you want to view the list of all the services offered by your organization, select All Centers.

  4. Select the services that can be delivered in this room. Once you associate services with a room, the front desk cannot book that room for any other service from the Appointment Book.

    5. Define the Price Factor % for the services. Price factor is an extra premium                     charge you can apply on the services performed in a particular room.
: You may want to charge an extra premium for services you perform in           the Massage Delight Room such as a Deep Cleansing Massage or a Hot Stone             Massage. You may charge 140% (instead of 100%) for Services. The price is                   automatically adjusted on the invoice.
        Important: If you do not want to limit the rooms to particular services, leave this             page blank.
      6. Click Next.
          The Reservation section appears.
          Follow the steps in Create Rooms: Define Reservation Rules for Rooms.

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