Important: You can create rooms only at the Center level.

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon

  2. Navigate to Resources > Rooms.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter the following details:

    1. Room Name: Enter a name for the room.
      Example: Massage Delight

    2. Room Code: Enter a Code for the room.
      It is a best practice to evolve a naming convention around giving Room Codes - doing so will also make it easy for you to search for rooms easily.    
      Example: M_001 - in this case, M could stand for Massage. If you have two more rooms for massage such as Relax Massage and Rejuvenate Massage, then you could add codes such as M_002 and M_003 for these rooms respectively.  Similarly, you could have HT_001, HT_002, HT_003 as codes for rooms that deliver hair treatments and SK_001, SK_002, SK_003 for Skin Treatments.

    3. Description: Enter an appropriate description for the room - the description should ideally describe what kind of service the room is used for.
      Example: Use this room to deliver full body massages.

    4. Capacity: Enter the number of people the room can accommodate.
      Example: If you have a large room, perhaps the capacity is 8 or 10. A smaller room may have a capacity of 2 or 4.

    5. Allow to book more than capacity: Select this check box to allow the front-desk staff to book more than the capacity.
      Overbooking a room is useful when some services require guests to vacate the room for a short duration. If that slot is free, the front-desk staff can accommodate a quick service for another guest in the same room.
      Example: If the room capacity is 4 and this check box is selected, then the front desk can overbook the room for the same time slot. If a guest requests a hair wash during a sequence of massages, the room falls vacant at least for 15 minutes. The front-desk staff can accommodate another guest for a quick foot massage for this duration.

    6. Allow only one appointment at a time in this room: Select this checkbox if you want to use the room only for a single appointment at a given time. You cannot use this room for multiple appointments at the same time if this checkbox is selected.

    7. Room Category: Specify a Room Category from the drop-down list.
      In this way, you are associating or mapping a room to a Room Category to make it easier for you to search and also to make it easier to know the type of services you deliver in the Rooms.
      Note: You need to configure Room Categories so that you can view them here. Important: Associating a Room Category is optional.

    8. Color Code: Specify the Color Code for the Room. When the front-desk staff books an appointment and reserves a room for a service, the Appointment Book displays the color you specify here. This way, at a glance the front-desk staff knows which rooms are booked.

    9. Print in bill: Select this checkbox to print the room's name on the guest’s receipt.
      Example: Some rooms such as VIP rooms may attract premium charges. Normally, a Hot Stone Massage may cost $100, but the same service may cost $150 in a VIP room. In such cases, it is useful to print the name of the room on the receipt, so that it is clear to the guest and front-desk staff that the service is attracting a premium price.

  5. Click Next.
    The Services section opens.
    Read Create Rooms: Associate Services to Rooms.

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