To enter general room information:

1. Ensure that you are at the Center level. 

   Important: You can create Rooms only at the Center level.

2. Click the Admin icon. Go to Resources > Rooms.
    The Manage Rooms page opens.

3. Click Add.

4. Enter details as per the description below:

  • Room Name: Enter a name for the Room.
    Example: Massage Delight

  • Room Code: Enter a Code for the Room.
    It is a best practice to evolve a naming convention around giving Room Codes - doing so will also make it easy for you to search for Rooms easily.    
    Example: M_001 - in this case, M could stand for Massage. If you have two more Rooms for massage such as Relax Massage and Rejuvenate Massage, then you could add Codes such as M_002 and M_003 for these Rooms respectively.  Similarly, you could have HT_001, HT_002, HT_003 as Codes for Rooms that deliver hair treatments and SK_001, SK_002, SK_003 for Skin Treatments.

  • Description: Enter an appropriate description for the Room - the description should ideally describe what kind of Service the Room is used for.
    Example: Use this Room to deliver full body massages.

  • Capacity: Enter the number of people the Room can accommodate.
    Example: If you have a large room, perhaps the Capacity is 8 or 10. A smaller room may have a Capacity of 2 or 4.

  • Allow to book more than capacity: Select this check box to allow the Front desk staff to book more than the Capacity.
    Overbooking a Room is useful when some Services may require guests to vacate the Room for a short duration. If that slot is free, the Front desk staff can accommodate a quick Service for another guest in the same Room.
    Example: If the Room Capacity is 4 and this check box is selected, then the Front desk can overbook this Room for the same time slot. If a guest requests a hair wash during a sequence of massage, then the Room falls vacant at least for 15 minutes. The Front desk staff can accommodate another guest for a quick feet massage for this same duration, if this check box is selected.

  • Room Category: Specify a Room Category from the drop-down list.
    In this way, you are associating or mapping a Room to a Room Category to make it easier for you to search and also to make it easier to know the type of Services you deliver in the Rooms.
    Note: You need to configure Room Categories so that you can view them here. Important: Associating a Room Category to Rooms is optional.

  • Color Code: Specify the Color Code for the Room. When the Front desk staff books an appointment and reserves a Room for a Service that is performed in a Room, the Appointment Book displays the color you specify here. This way, at a glance the Front desk staff knows which Rooms are booked and for what time slots.

  • Print in bill: Select this check box to print the name of the Room on the guest’s bill.
    Example: Some Rooms such as VIP rooms may attract premium charges. Normally, a Hot Stone Massage may cost $100, but the same Service may cost $150 in a VIP room. In such cases, it is useful to print the name of the Room on the bill, so that it is clear for the guest and Front desk staff that the Service is attracting a premium price because of the Room in which the Service was delivered.

 5. Click Next.
     The Services section opens.
     Read Create Rooms: Associate Services to Rooms.

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