You can create recurring (or repeating) appointments for services that are regularly used by a guest. Also, there could be a series package of multiple sittings of the same service, which are performed at intervals. In such cases, you can create a recurring appointment for the same service that repeats after a fixed number of days, weeks, months, or years. 

You can modify or delete the appointments in a series just like you do with the
one-time appointments.

To book a recurring appointment

1. In the Appointment Book, click an available time slot for the first appointment in
   the series, then click New Appointment.
   The Appointment Info panel appears.

2. Add the guest details.

3. Add the service details or package details.

4. After you enter the required details, select the Repeat checkbox on the
    Appointment Info panel.

The Repeat Appointment dialog appears.

5. Configure the following recurrence pattern:

  • Repeat: Select the frequency of the appointments–Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

  • Repeats Every: Specify how often the appointments must be booked. For example, if you want to book a blow dry for 4 Mondays - once in two weeks then, select Weekly, enter 'every 2 weeks', and select the checkbox for Monday.  

  • Starts On: The start date is automatically set to the first appointment date in the series. However, you can change the date to reschedule the first appointment. The repeat appointments are automatically moved based on the changed start date.

  • Ends: You can end a repeating appointment in two ways:
    a) By entering maximum number of occurrences: Enter a number after which,
        appointment should end. For example, if you enter 4, the blow dry
        appointments will end after 4 occurrences.
    b) By mentioning a specific end date: Select a date from the calendar on
        which the appointments series ends.

6. Click Apply.
    The panel to the right-side shows future appointments booked as per selected
    recurrence pattern.  

Note: Appointment Status shows 'Available' if the slot is open for a recurring appointment. 

7. Click Continue to complete the booking.
    The Appointment Info panel shows Edit Repeat button and a recurring icon
    before the service name to indicate that the appointment repeats. If you want to
    modify the dates of the repeating appointment, click Edit Repeat

8. Click Save to save the appointment, or click Take Payment to proceed to collect
    A recurring appointment block is created indicated with a repeat icon.

Conflict in Repeating Appointments 

  • If your organization does not allow double-booking or booking an appointment outside of the schedule hours of providers then, Zenoti shows conflicts in appointments (Organization level > Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book > 'Block' or 'Warn' is selected for the two fields: Double-booking the providers and/or Booking outside of therapist's schedule hours).

  • The Appointment Status of a conflicting appointment is indicated with a yellow triangle icon and a statement: <provider name> is not available. 

  • If your organization does not allow double-booking guests then, Zenoti shows conflicts in appointments (Organization level > Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Appointment Book > Show alert when double-booking guests checkbox is selected) 

Inform guest about the conflicts and find out if they are okay with a different provider or date. Book a recurring appointment as per the changed dates/provider.
If guest wants to continue booking with conflicts, Zenoti books the appointments on the dates of conflict. However, you will have to manage the conflicting appointments outside of Zenoti in real-time.

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