In Zenoti, you can assign or remove the equipment to services. After you assign equipment, the equipment details automatically populate when your front desk staff books any appointment associated with the service.

A laser hair removal equipment is assigned to room 1 and room 2. It is also assigned to services X and Y. Now, when your front desk staff creates an appointment for service X or Y, and selects one of the assigned rooms (rooms 1 or 2), the equipment automatically gets assigned to the room and service.

To Add or Remove a Service Association with the Equipment:

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Resources > Equipment.
    The Manage Equipment page appears with the list of equipment at your center.

  3. Click the Name of the equipment you want to edit.
    The Edit Equipment page opens and the General section displays.
    Note: To edit the details in the General section, read: Editing Service Equipment Details.

  4. Click the Services tab.

  5. Click the Services field and select the service from the drop-down menu.

  6. Click Add.
    The service gets added to the list.Repeat these steps to add multiple services tied to the equipment.
    Note: To delete an associated service, click the red cross icon beside the service name.

  7. Click Save.
     The service details get saved against the equipment.

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