You can use the Appointment Book to void past appointments to remove closed invoices from Zenoti. 

This functionality applies only to past appointments whose invoices are closed. You can void an appointment as an alternative to using the Delete Appointment option, which involves individually deleting all the items in the invoice before deleting the appointment. 

Voiding an appointment completely removes the transaction from Zenoti, and the appointment information is accessible only from the guest profile. Deleting however, removes the appointment only from the Appointment Book but the details are still available in the reports.

To void an appointment booked on an earlier date      

  1. Ensure that the Allow booking and voiding appointments in the past setting is enabled for your organization. Learn how 

  2. In the Appointment Book, click the calendar, and select the appointment date.
    Tip: To view the appointments booked by a guest, enter the guest's name in the Search box and click Profile to open the guest's profile.

  3. Look for the appointment that you want to void in the Appointment Book, and click the appointment block.

  4. Select Change Status > Void.

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