You can move or reschedule appointments booked on a past date to another date. You can also move appointments from the current date to an earlier date. For instance, a guest has multiple appointment bookings on the same date and has requested to move one of the appointment to a day before the scheduled date. In such a scenario, you can simply move the appointment to an earlier date.

Before you begin 

Ensure that the Allow booking and voiding appointments in the past setting is enabled for your organization. Learn how

To move an appointment from a past date to another date

  1. In the Appointment Book, navigate to the appointment that you want to reschedule.

  2. Select the appointment, and click Move Appointment Group.

    3. Click the calendar drop-down arrow, and select the new date.

      4. Click an empty time slot of the requested therapist on the new date.
      5. Click Move Here.

The appointment moves to the selected date and time and is no longer visible on the original date in the Appointment Book.

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