The browser settings must be modified based on the printer that is used for printing your receipts and invoices.
The following browsers are covered in this article:

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

 Mozilla Firefox Browser Settings

  1. Press ALT on keyboard to open Main menu.

  2. On the Firefox main menu, click File, and then click Page Setup.

  3. Click the Portrait radio button.

    4. Clear the Shrink to fit Page Width checkbox.

    5. In the Scale field, enter a value between 90 and 95. (The value can be changed           depending on whether the item to be printed is being printed appropriately).

    6. In the Margins and Header/Footer tab, enter 0 for all the margins.

    7. For all the Headers and Footers, select --blank--.

    8. Click OK.

Note: If you are using the Firefox browser to print receipts, printing any other type of documents or labels will modify the printer settings, resulting in incorrectly formatted receipt prints later. So, after you configure the receipt printer settings in Firefox, use Chrome or other browsers to print other types of documents. If the printer settings are changed, follow the instructions above to set up the printer settings all over again.

Google Chrome Browser Settings

Since Google Chrome does not have the option to modify page setup, you will need to manually modify the page setup using the following steps:

  1. In the Collect Payment screen, click the printer icon.

    2. Click More Settings on the left pane.

    3. From the Margins list, select Custom.

    4. In the four fields on the receipt, on the right, manually edit the values to be either         0 inch or 0.1 inches as required.
        See the screenshot given below:

    5. Click Print.

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