Note: You can only move appointments whose status is New, Checked In, or Confirmed. You cannot move appointments for which the invoice is already closed.

  1. In the Appointment Book, navigate to the appointment that you want to reschedule.

  2. Drag the existing appointment and drop it in the other (empty) time slot.
    The appointment moves to the new time slot.

    Note: You must drop the appointment in an empty time slot of either the same therapist or a new therapist. You can also extend the appointment time or reduce the time for a service by just dragging the lines on the appointment.

Price scaling​

​You cannot reschedule the appointment if price scaling is enabled and the invoice is paid, discounted, campaign is applied or redemptions are applied.​

To move such an appointment,​

  • Edit the price on the invoice​
    Note: To move paid appointments with price scaling, reach out to Zenoti Support​.

  • Remove redemptions​

  • Remove discounts​

  • Remove campaign

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