• Why am I not able to modify a transaction such as voiding or refunding an invoice?

    The Zenoti-Plutus integration doesn't support the following:
    - Refund processing
    - Voiding a transaction
    - Storing a credit card
    - Recurring charges
    - Buying from webstore

  • I cannot access Zenoti in my center currently. How can I take a card payment using Plutus?

    If you are not able to access Zenoti in your center for some reason, but need to take a card payment, you can do so using one of the following alternatives:
    - Complete the credit card transaction offline, and when you are able to
       access Zenoti, add the transaction as a custom payment.
    - If you are able to access Zenoti in any of your other centers, you can initiate
      the transaction in there by selecting the appointment book for this center,
      and then adding the required data in the POS.
      You can go ahead and complete the transaction using the Plutus device in
       your center.

  • The Plutus device at my center doesn't work. How can I complete the transaction?

    If your Plutus device isn't working, you can complete the credit card transaction in any stand by device, and then add the transaction details in Zenoti as a Custom payment. 

  • A transaction is completed in the Plutus device, but doesn't reflect in Zenoti. What can I do?

    - Check the status of the Credit Card transaction in the
       Collections - Online Transactions report (Admin > Reports > Collections >  
       Collections - Online Transactions
    - Reopen and modify the invoice based on the status

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