1. Open the invoice for which you want to take the payment. 

2. On the right hand side of the POS, under the Collect Payment section,
     click Credit/Debit.

3. Click Add Payment. The TXN Uploaded alert is displayed now along with
    the Transaction Reference ID.

     Note: After the Online Payment window appears, if you want to cancel
     the transaction, do so by clicking the Cancel button on the Plutus device.
     Do not cancel the transaction by closing this window because the transaction
     still goes through the terminal, resulting in inconsistent data between Zenoti
     and Plutus. 

4. On the Plutus devices' User Menu screen, click Run Application.

5. On the next screen that opens, scroll to Cloud Based Txn and click it.

6. Click Get Open Txn

7. The device now shows the Transaction Reference ID of the sale submitted
    by Zenoti. If multiple transactions are submitted by Zenoti, all of them are
    listed here. Select the relevant TXN REF ID. 

8. Swipe the card.

9. Select Proceed to complete the charge. 

10. After the transaction is complete, the transaction details are updated in Zenoti.

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