Plutus is a leading cloud-based payment gateway in India for Windows based POS systems. Zenoti supports Plutus integration with your POS, enabling you to collect card payments using a Plutus device. Zenoti and Plutus devices do not directly interact with each other, but all communications between them are exchanged through Plutus Cloud. 

Transactions between Zenoti and Plutus involve the following steps:

  1. When a card payment is entered in the POS, Zenoti initiates a request against a Plutus device configured for your center. 

  2. The Plutus device pulls the credit card request data submitted by Zenoti to cloud

  3. Your front office staff has to swipe the card and perform transaction using a Plutus device

  4. Zenoti polls for status of the transaction 

  5. Once the transaction is completed, the data is updated in Zenoti

The current Plutus integration supports charging the following:

  • Services

  • Memberships

  • Packages

  • Gift cards

  • Prepaid cards 

The following featues are not yet supported:

  • Charging products

  • Refund processing

  • Voiding a transaction

  • Storing a credit card

  • Recurring charges

  • Buying from webstore

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