1. On the appointment book, click the appointment for which you want to process

2. Click Take Payment.

3. On the right hand side of the POS, under the Collect Payment section,
     click Credit/Debit. The default terminal for the employee is selected.
     To change the terminal, click Change, and then select a terminal from the list
      that appears.

4. Click Add Payment. Zenoti shows the Transaction Started window.

5. Swipe or insert the guest's credit card on Payment Express terminal and
    start the transaction. After the transaction begins, the system shows the
    Status: Processing window. 

   Note: After the Status: Processing window is displayed, if you want to cancel
   the transaction, do it directly by pressing the Cancel button on the terminal.
   You cannot cancel the transaction by closing the Processing window because
   the transaction still goes through the terminal, resulting in inconsistent data
   between Zenoti and Payment Express. 

6. Depending on the outcome of the transaction, you receive the Transaction
    Successful or Transaction failed alerts in the Zenoti system. 

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