Note: The Service tab is available in the POS window only when this center level setting in the ADMIN/QUEUE section is disabled: Reschedule queue based on resource availability.

However, please note that disabling this setting will turn off the queuing functionality, which is based on the First In, First Out method.

1. Launch the POS window

Learn how to open the POS window   

2. Specify Guest Details

Learn how to add a new or existing guest's details in the POS window     

3. Add a service

a) In the lower-left pane, click the Service tab (if not selected by default).

b) Specify the following information:

  • Services: Based on whether auto-suggest is enabled in your organization's settings, this field acts like a text box or a drop-down list. Start typing a service name and select from the list of suggestions (if text box), or select the service from the drop-down list.

    Optionally, to see the description of the service, click the information icon (i) against the Services field.

  • Quantity: The default is 1, which indicates that the service is rendered once. You can edit this field based on your requirement.

  • Price: Automatically displays the price of the selected service. This field cannot be edited.

  • Therapist: Select a therapist for the service.

  • Room: If applicable, select a Room for the service.

  • Start: Select a start time.

  • End: The end time is automatically calculated based on the service time configured while creating the service.

c) Click Add Service.

4. (Optional) Add More Services

Repeat step 3 onwards to add more services to the appointment.

Note: At this point, you can choose to close the POS window and collect the payment after the appointment is complete.

5. (Optional) Swap or Replace Services

A guest may have booked an appointment for a hair color service. However, when the guest comes in for her appointment, the provider may upsell the service to say, hair regeneration service.

In such cases, the front-desk staff can quickly edit or swap the services in the POS using the pencil icon. Refer to the following screenshot. 

Note: Reach out to Support to enable this feature for you. 

Learn more: Swap Services in the POS

6. Collect Payment

a) Apply any discounts, memberships, coupons, or campaigns in the left panel.

b) In the Collect Payment section (right panel), select a payment type and close the invoice.

Zenoti adds the appointment to the Appointment Book. However, no verification is done for appointment conflicts against therapists' schedules and qualifications.

7. [Optional]: Upsell a Package

If a guest likes a particular service (say, 15 minutes feet massage at $40), while checking her out, you can upsell a series package with the same service (3 feet massages at $90). The guest would like to buy this series package and redeem the (first) feet massage service from the package. 

You can add the appropriate series package directly to the service invoice. A message appears on the POS screen stating that the service has been automatically redeemed from the series package (that has just been added to the invoice).  

Prerequisite: The organization level setting, Enable Redemptions on Open package, must be turned ON.
Note: This feature is also available in Zenoti Mobile (iOS).

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