Parent categories help group similar services offered at the center. For example, face products can have facial care as the parent category. After you create a parent category, you can assign several sub-categories of products under a parent category

To create a parent category for services

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Categories > Products.

3. Click Add on the top-right corner.
The Create Product Category page appears.

4. Enter details in the following fields:

  • Category Code: You can give the category that you create a unique code for identification.
    For example, Skin Care can be called SC.

  • Category Name: Name the category based on what type of services it will cater.
    For example, Skin Care, Body Massage, and so on.

  • Parent Category: Since you are creating the parent category in this procedure, you do not have to select anything in this drop-down list.
    Note: This field will be used when creating sub-categories.

  • Description: Describe this category.
    For example, Skin Care products to nourish and pamper skin for any skin type. This description is visible to the front desk to help them describe the product to the guests. It will not be visible to the guests.

  • HTML Description: Enter the description that must be displayed in the Webstore and CMA for the category.
    Note: Click the preview icon to check how it will appear to the customers.

  • Display Order: The order in which this category appears on the Webstore and the Customer Mobile App (CMA).
    For example, if you enter 1 as the display order for Skin Care, it will appear as the first item in the products list on the Webstore and CMA.

  5. Select the Show in digital catalog check box if you want the category to appear in       the catalog.
  6. Click Save.
       The product category is added with the required display order.

You can search for categories using its name or by business type. You can also search for catalog categories by selecting the Show In Catalog option.

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