Printers - Receipt 

Printers - Receipt when using Zenoti Mobile

Printer - A4

  • HP Laserjet

Supported Label Barcode Printers

  • Brother QL700

Barcode Readers

Zenoti supports all USB barcode scanners that can scan barcodes into plain text.

To check if your scanner can scan barcodes into plain text

  1. Connect your barcode scanner to your computer.

  2. Install all the recommended scanner software from the manufacturer of the scanner (for example, a serial driver).

  3. Open a spreadsheet.

  4. Click the cell you want the scanned data to appear in.

  5. Scan any barcode.

    If you find the data (such as a series of numbers) for the scanned barcode in the selected cell, your scanner will be compatible with Zenoti.

    Compatible barcode scanners

    Disclaimer: The articles listed below pertain to the configuration of third party products (barcode scanners); Zenoti bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or content of the external sites listed in these articles or for that of subsequent links.

    The following are a few examples for barcode scanners that are compatible with Zenoti.

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