Set up One-Time Password (OTP) to authenticate the Package, Membership, Campaign, or Loyalty Point redemptions. By enforcing OTP, you avoid misuse of the benefits by another person than your guest. Zenoti allows you to enforce the OTP authorization at the organization level. After the OTP is enabled at the organization level, centers must enable the OTP at center level.  

You can send an OTP through email, text messaging, or both. When your guest redeems, an OTP is sent to the guest's registered mobile number, email address, or both. Front desk collects the OTP from guest to process the redemption.

To enable OTP at organization level

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon. Navigate to Organization > Settings.

  2. In the General section, select Activate email and Activate text message (SMS) check box.

   Note:  You must enable email and text messaging check boxes to send an OTP
   either through text message, email, or both
   3. In the Invoice and Receipt section, identify Enforce one-time-password (OTP) for
and select one of the following:

  • SMS: To send the OTP through text messaging.

  • Email: To send the OTP through email.

  • Both SMS & Email: To send the OTP through both text messaging and email.
    If you select SMS or Email, the OTP Expiry (Minutes) appears. If you select both SMS and Email, both the Preferred Mode text box and the OTP Expiry (Minutes) appear.  

     4. In the OTP Expiry Time (Minutes) text box, enter the number of minutes OTP is

         Example: Let’s say you have selected Email to send the OTP and you have set
         5 minutes as expiry time.

         Your guest Marie wants to redeem a membership for which you generate the
         OTP at 3:00 P.M. The OTP is sent to your guest’s email address and is valid
         only till 3:05 P.M. to authenticate the guest.

     5. In the Preferred Mode drop-down list, select SMS, Email, or Both.
         The option you select here is available as default mode of receiving an OTP.
         For example, if you select SMS as preferred mode, by default OTP is sent
         through text messaging to your guest.

         Note: Frontdesk can change the default mode of receiving the OTP on POS

     6. Click Save.
         Zenoti enables the OTP authorization for your organization. 

Note: Enabling OTP at organization level does not automatically allow centers to send OTP to the guests. After you enable OTP at the organization level, you must
enable OTP at the center level also.

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