Enter the relevant details of the products used for this service on the Products page.

Defining products used for each service is critical for the Inventory module.
The baseline information of product consumption for each service is used when calculating projected expenses on product consumption.

To define products for each service:

  1. Click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Services.

  3. Click Add (upper right-hand corner of the Manage Services page).

  4. Enter general details and click Next.

  5. Enter pricing information and click Next.

  6. Complete the fields in the Products section as follows:

  • Product: Start typing the name of a product and select it from the list of suggestions that the system shows. If you cannot find the product in the list, create the product in the system. To know how to create a product, read the Creating a Product article.

  • Amount: Enter the amount of the product used.
    Note: Product consumption for the service is calculated as the ratio of value in the Amount field in the service definition to the value in the Amount field in the product definition (product master). For example, if the amount in the service is 10 and the amount in the product master is 100, consumption for the service is 0.1.

  • Track Consumption Automatically: If you select this checkbox, the system tracks the product consumption automatically. If you do not select this checkbox, the front desk needs to enter the amount of the product used manually.
    Note: You cannot change this setting for service add-ons.

  5. Click Next to go to the Resources section. Refer: Select Resources

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