Mirror mode allows your front desk staff to use their desktop computers to create an invoice for the guest, while the guest has an iPad with the mobile POS facing them. The guest’s experience on the iPad includes the ability to:   

  • Review the invoice

  • Select a tip amount

  • Pay by swiping, inserting, or tapping their credit card

In mirror mode, the guests can insert, swipe, or tap their card on the card reader. You can accept all other payment types through the desktop POS.

To accept a card payment that is initiated from the desktop: 

1. Log in to Zenoti on the desktop POS.
   You will be prompted to select a cash register.
   Select the cash register that you selected in the Zenoti Mobile POS.

2. Open the Take Payment screen of the appointment.

3. Click Credit/Debit and verify the amount to be collected.
    Click Add Payment.

    The payment is "mirrored" on Zenoti Mobile POS.

4. A prompt asking you to Present Card appears on the Zenoti Mobile POS.

5. The guest should follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
     The transaction details are updated in Zenoti and a message confirming
     successful payment appears with an option to email or print the receipt.

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