In this article, you will learn how to take payments on desktop POS that has Zenoti Payments configured.

Before you Begin

Ensure that the following settings are in place:

To Take Card Payments on Desktop POS

  1. Launch the POS window.

  2. (Optional) Review and edit the invoice, if required.

  3. In the Collect Payment section, select Credit/Debit.
    The Total amount and gratuity are automatically displayed in the Amount and SSG fields.
    Note: If you have the required permissions, you can edit the SSG amount.

  4. In the Collect Payment section, click Credit/Debit.
    The default terminal is selected.

    Note: If you have more than one terminal, an option to change the terminal
    To change the terminal, click Change, and then select a terminal from the list that
  5. In the Tips field, enter the tip amount.
      Based on the tip amount you enter, the value in the Amount field is automatically
  6. In the Cashback field, enter the cashback amount.
      Based on the cashback amount you enter, the value in the Amount field is
      automatically updated.
  7. Click Add Payment.
     The Online Payment window appears.

  8. Based on the requirement, perform one of the following:
       - Select the Use Card Reader option, if the guest’s card is saved in Zenoti.
       - Select the Use a New Card option, if the guest’s card is not saved in Zenoti or if
         the guest does not wish to use it.
         Zenoti asks the guest’s details.

         Enter the desired details and click Submit.
         Zenoti asks for the card details. Perform one of the following:
          - Enter the card details manually and click Submit.
          - Swipe, dip, or tap the cardon the Miura card reader to complete the

In both cases, the payment is processed and the details are updated to the invoice.

 Note: In the Type column, details of a card used in the transaction such as the
 Card Type, Card Expiry Date, and Bank Name are displayed.

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