Setting up your services is essential because the system enables you to book appointments for them using the Appointment Book, webstore, and mobile apps. Also, the appropriate categorization of services helps you when you configure memberships, packages, and discounts. 

To create a service, follow these steps

Note: In Zenoti, Admins or Owners can create Services from the organization level.

  1. Click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Services.

  3. Click Add (upper right-hand corner of the Manage Services window).

  4. Enter General Details: Enter the primary service details, such as name, category, time, and cost to the center.

  5. Enter the Pricing Information: Define the price and tax for the service for different centers of your organization.

  6. Select Products: Enter the products and the quantity used to perform the service.

  7. Select Resources: Select the centers where the service is available, therapists who can perform the service, and the rooms used to perform the service.
       - If you define which therapists can perform a service at the job level,
         skip this step, and proceed to step 6 below.
       - After you create the service, go to appropriate jobs, and update the
         service mapping. However, if you want to define service mapping
         against employees and not job roles, you can do so in this step. 

  8. Select Custom Fields: Select the fields you want to enable for this service from the list of service custom data fields.

  9. Configure Online Catalog: Enable the display of the service in your webstore and mobile apps.

  10. Select Variants: Select the variants of the service offered at your stores.

  11. Select Related Services: Map related services and products for the service to display them in your Webstore V1.

  12. Select Add-Ons: Select the add-ons that are available for this service.

  13. Publish on Social Media: Post and market the service using your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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