Add-ons are offered along with other services; guests cannot book these separately. If you assign an add-on to a service, Zenoti prompts the front desk to add the add-on service while booking the main service. 

You must create add-ons in Zenoti before you can assign them to a service. You can create add-ons in the same way as you create regular services, by selecting the This service is an Add-on checkbox in the General tab of the Create or Modify Service screens. Learn more: Create a Service.

To assign an add-on to a service

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources > Services.

  2. Click the name of a service you want to edit. Example: Citrus Manicure
    The Edit Service window opens. 

  3. Click the Add-Ons tab. 

  4. In the Service box, start typing the name of an add-on, and select the matching name from the list of suggestions that the application shows. Example: Gel Removal.

  5. Click Add.
    The add-on that you select appears in the section below. If you want to include more add-ons, repeat the same steps. To remove an add-on, click the cross icon next to it.

Note: From the Edit Service page of an add-on, you can see the main service in the Services tab. 

For example, you have a main service, Citrus Manicure (30 mins), to which you add Gel Removal service as an add-on (15 mins). If a guest books Citrus Manicure with Gel Removal, then Zenoti books the guest for a duration of 45 mins (30 mins +15 mins). 

Once a guest books this service with the add-on, you can see a ‘+’ icon on the appointment block to indicate that the service has an add-on.

On hover, you can view further details - see the following screenshot for reference.

The Appointment Log shows the actions taken on the add-on. 

The Guest Profile shows the details of the add-on in the Appointments tab. 

When you print the Job Card or print Appointment Details, you can view the details for the add-ons too. See the following screenshots for reference.

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