There are several possible reasons why an email/text message was not delivered.

Following are some common scenarios and troubleshooting tips.  

  •  Navigate to Admin > Organization > Settings and ensure Activate email and Active text message fields are selected.

  • Navigate to Admin > Organization > Email/Texts and ensure the Issue Create template is turned On in the EMAIL/TEXTS tab.

  • Verify that there are enough email and text (SMS) credits in the center to send notifications.
    You can view your available credits in the right panel at the organization/center level. If you do not have enough credits, contact Support to purchase additional credits.

  • Check for the following in the Employee Profile:
    - Receive Transactional Emails and Receive Transactional Text
       Messages (SMS)
    check boxes are selected.
    - Verify if the employee has a valid phone number/email address.

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