Demand pricing is a dynamic pricing strategy, in which you can set custom prices for services by defining a % increase over the regular price or define the additional price in absolute numbers.

Zenoti lets you create various demand price groups and assign them to services offered by your center. For instance, you can create and assign a demand price group for charging higher prices for services availed during a special event period like New Year’s Eve.

To assign a demand price group to a service at your center, the group must be configured at the organization level.


  • When you move an appointment from a regular day to a demand pricing day, Zenoti updates the service price as per the configured demand price and displays a message stating the same.

  • Price change of services assigned to demand price groups also applies to online bookings.

  • The configured demand pricing overrides any provider-specific pricing.Provider-specific pricing is the different price you set for services based on the job role of the service provider. For example, a haircut with a regular price of $25 could be priced 15% higher if performed by a senior stylist.

  • Guests can continue to redeem series packages or memberships even on demand pricing days.

Read the following articles for information on how to create and assign demand price groups: 

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