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This article provides instructions on selling a prepaid card from the Point of Sale (POS) window. It is especially useful for front desk employees who want to quickly sell a prepaid card from the POS window.

How to sell a prepaid card?

To sell a prepaid card from the POS window:

  1. Launch the POS window.

  2. In the guest details section at the top of the POS window, enter either the mobile number, email address, first name, or last name of the guest, and select a matching record from the list of suggestions.
    If the guest record does not exist in the system, then create a new guest record. 

  3. In the lower left pane of the POS window, click the Prepaid Card tab.

   4. Complete the fields as follows:

  • Card #: Depending on the organization level settings, this field may auto-populate the prepaid card number. If the field is blank, enter the card number manually.
    The card number is typically a code associated with the prepaid card. The user can use this code to redeem the card, check the balance, expiry date, and other prepaid card details.

  • Price: Enter the prepaid card price. Price is the amount for which the guest purchases the prepaid card.
    Example: If a guest wants to purchase a prepaid card worth $100, then enter 100 in the Price field.

  • Value: Click the field; it automatically displays the same value as the price.
    If you want to edit the amount to provide a higher redemption value, replace the value.
    is the total worth of a prepaid card, which includes the extra amount that the organization adds to the card in addition to the Price.
    Example: A guest pays $200 (price) for a prepaid card, but the total value of the card issued is $250. This implies that the guest can later redeem the card for $250 worth of purchases. To be able to enter a higher value amount:
         -  Your organization must allow such a sale.
         -  You may need to provide authentication based on your organization settings.

  • Sale by: Select the name of the employee who sold the card.

  • Notes: Enter helpful notes related to the card. These notes appear in the Prepaid Cards tab of the guest's profile.

  • Expiry Date: Click the calendar icon and select an expiry date for the card.  Note: If you specify an expiry date, do not specify anything in the Expiry Days field below.

  • Expiry Days: Enter the number of days from the current date after which the card expires.  
    Note: If you specify the number of days in this field, do not specify a date in the Expiry Date field above.

  • One time use: Select this field to allow only a one-time redemption of the prepaid card.  Any balance remaining on the card after the first use expires automatically.

  5. Click Add Prepaid Card.
      The prepaid card is added to the invoice.

  6. Collect payment and close the invoice.

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