Learn how to Configure Email/Text Notification for Prepaid Card Balance using the macros described below.

A macro is a placeholder text that gets replaced with specific data when inserted into an automated email/text message. Use the below macros to customize emails/text messages to include information such as organization name, guest name, and center details. For example, the [OrgName] macro gets replaced with the organization name when the notification is sent.

  • [GCBalance]: Prepaid card balance after redemption (corresponds to the Balance field in Guest profile > Pre-paid Cards tab).

  • [CenterCountry]: Country where the guest's base center is located.

  • [CenterPhone]: Primary phone number of the guest's base center (corresponds to the Phone 1 field in the center settings).

  • [CenterPhone2]: Secondary phone number provided for the guest's base center (corresponds to the Phone 2 field in the center settings.

  • [CenterAddlData1]: Additional center information provided in the Additional Text field in the guest's base center Settings >Invoice & Receipts.

  • [CenterCity]: City where the guest’s base center is located.

  • [OrgName]: Name of the center’s organization.

  • [GCUsage]: The invoice amount for the current receipt (the amount for which the prepaid card has been used).

  • [ReceiptNo]: Receipt number for the current redemption.

  • [CenterName]: Name of the guest’s base center.

  • [CenterZip]: Zip code/postal code of the guest's base center location.

  • [InvoiceNo]: The invoice number generated when the package was purchased.

  • [CenterState]: State where the center is located.

  • [CenterAddress]: Complete address of the guest's base center (corresponds to the Address 1 and Address 2 field in the center settings).

  • [DownloadLink]: Link to download the Customer Mobile Application (if the Organization has it enabled).

  • [CenterE-mail]: Email address of the guest's base center.

  • [MailUnsubscribeLink]: Link to unsubscribe from transaction emails. Once guests unsubscribe, they will not receive any transaction related email, including appointment related emails

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