You can integrate Zenoti with Central Messaging Engine (CME) and charge to a guest's room.

You can configure CME either for the entire organization or for a specific center. If you configure CME at the center level, the center settings override the organization settings.

Before you Begin

Before you integrate Zenoti with CME, create a new custom payment with a name indicative of charging to a room (for example, Charge Room).

To integrate Zenoti with CME:

1. To configure CME at the center level, select the desired center and navigate
    to Admin > Centers.
    The Manage Centers page opens.
: To configure CME for the entire Organization, navigate to
    Admin > Organization > Organizations and skip to step 3.

2. Click the name of your center.
    All center settings categorized by tabs appear.

3. Click the Payment tab.

4. Expand CME.
    The CME related options appear.

5. If you are setting up CME for a center, ensure to select use center settings
     and complete the following fields:

  • Enable CME: This option enables CME in Zenoti and CME appears as a custom payment type on the Point of Sale (POS) screen 

  • Agent Name: From the list of custom payments, select the custom payment you created for charging to a guest's room.
    Note: In this article, we have used CME as the Agent Name.

  • Source System: Contact Administrator for this value.

  • Outlet Code: Contact Administrator for this value

  • Property Code: Contact Administrator for this value

  • Group Code: Contact Administrator for this value

  • Api URI: Contact Administrator for this value

  • Bin Mapping: For accurate reconciliation of room charges posted using Zenoti, you must assign Zenoti Bin Codes (Item Codes) to your offerings at the Category or Business Unit level. By default, Category is selected. If you wish to assign Bin Codes at the Business Unit level, select BU and proceed to Configure Bin mappings.

  • Click the Configure Bin mappings link and the Bin Mappings window opens.  Select the desired Item Type and add Bin Codes and finally click Save.
    After you add your Bin Codes, use the Excel icon to export your Bin Codes. You must contact your CME Administrator and map CME Transaction Codes with Zenoti Bin Codes.

6. Click Save.
You have successfully integrated Zenoti with CME.

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