After you create users in Okta and Zenoti, you must assign the Zenoti Application to users within Okta.

Only the users who have Zenoti Application assigned can access Zenoti using the Single Sign-on (SSO).

To assign users to your Zenoti Application:

1. Log in to Okta with a user account that has Administrator privileges.
   Click Admin.

2. Click the Applications tab, and select Applications from the list.
    The Application page opens.

3. From the list of applications, click Zenoti application.

     The application details opens and displays the People tab.

4. Click Assign to People.

    The Assign <App Name> to People page opens.

5. Search for the user and click Assign.

      The username is displayed.

6. Click Save and Go Back.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you add all the desired users. Finally click Done

You have successfully assigned users to the Zenoti application and they can now Single Sign-on (SSO) to Zenoti.

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