After you integrate Zenoti with Okta, users can access Zenoti using the Single Sign-on (SSO) feature of Okta.

For the SSO to work, you must have users with identical usernames in both Okta and Zenoti.

In this article, you will learn how to create users in both Okta and Zenoti.

To create users in Okta

If you do not have users created in Okta or wish to add new users, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Okta with Administrator privileges and click the Directory tab.
   The People page opens.

2. Click Add Person.

    The Add Person window opens.

3. Complete the following fields:

  • First name: Enter user's first name.

  • Last name: Enter user's last name.

  • Username: Enter the username that the user will use to login to Okta.
    Important! You must create a user with the same username in Zenoti as well. If you do not create a user with the same username, SSO will not work.

  • Primary email: Enter the primary email address of the user.

  • Send user activation email now: Select this checkbox.

4. Click Add Person.
A welcome mail is sent to the user's email address indicating that the user creation is successful.

To create users in Zenoti

To create users with identical usernames to that of users in Okta, do the following:

  1. Log in to Zenoti.

  2. Ensure you are at the center level. 

  3. From the main menu, click Employee.
    The Manage Employee window opens. 

  4. Click Add.
    The Create New Employee window opens. 

  5. Complete the fields.
    Important! Ensure that you are entering the same username that you entered in Okta for the user. If you do not create the user with the same username, SSO will not work.

Complete the following next step:

  1. Assign users for the Zenoti application in Okta

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