To view the prepaid card details from the guest profile:

  1. Navigate to the guest profile.

  2. Click the Prepaid Cards tab.
    The screen displays all the prepaid cards purchased by the guest.

Understanding the information on this screen:

  • Invoice No: The prepaid card purchase invoice number. Click the invoice number to view the invoice details.

  • Receipt No: The receipt number generated on the closed invoice.

  • Code: The prepaid card number. Click the number to view the card usage history.Note: The prepaid card number is typically a code associated with the card. The front desk or guest can use this code to redeem the prepaid card, check the balance, or view other prepaid card details.

  • Refund: Displays an icon that indicates you can process a refund on the prepaid card purchase. The refund icon does not appear on prepaid cards that have already expired.
    Note: If a partial refund is processed on the purchase of the prepaid card, the guest can still redeem the balance remaining on the card for any purchase thereafter.
    Example: A guest purchases a prepaid card worth $500 and redeems $300 worth services (leaving a balance of $200). The guest now asks for a refund of $150, thus leaving a balance of $50 on the prepaid card. The guest can anytime avail services on the $50 that remains on the prepaid card. 

  • Purchase date: The date on which the guest purchased the prepaid card.

  • Expiration date: The prepaid card expiration date.
    Note: You can extend or limit the expiration date. Read: Modify the Expiration Date on a Prepaid Card.

  • Price: The purchase price of the prepaid card.

  • Card Value: The total worth of the prepaid card. The value amount may or may not be equal to the price. Value includes the extra amount added to the prepaid card, in addition to the price. Read: What is Price and Value in a Gift Card or Prepaid Card?

  • Balance: Displays the current value balance on the card.Note: You can edit the balance on a prepaid card. Read: Edit a Prepaid Card Balance.

  • Center: The center where the guest purchased the prepaid card.

  • Status: The status of prepaid card purchase invoice (Open or Closed).

  • Refunded: Indicates whether a refund was processed on the prepaid card purchase.Displays Yes or No to indicate if the refund was processed for the prepaid card.

  • Notes: The notes entered about the prepaid card during its purchase.

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