To view the prepaid card details from the appointment book:

  1. From the main menu, click the Appointment tab. The Appointment Book for the center opens.

  2. Click an open block in the Appointment Book and select Prepaid/Gift Card Details from the context menu.
    The Prepaid/Gift Card Details pop-up window opens.

  3. Enter the prepaid card number in the Enter Code field and click Show.
    The details of the prepaid card appear on-screen.

Understanding the information on this screen:

  • Card Type: The card types are: prepaid card and gift card. If you are checking the details of a prepaid card, the card type appears as 'prepaid card'.

  • Bought by: The prepaid card buyer's name. Click the name to open the guest’s profile.

  • Value: The total worth of the prepaid card. The value amount may or may not be equal to the price.
    The value includes the extra amount added to the card, in addition to the price. Read: What is Price and Value in a Gift Card or Prepaid Card?

  • Price: The purchase price of the prepaid card.

  • Expiry: The expiration date of the prepaid card.

  • Notes: The notes entered about the prepaid card during its purchase.

  • Payment Date and Payment Amount: Displays an up-to-date summary of the prepaid card usage. It also shows the total amount used (Total Used) till date and the current balance remaining on it (Balance).
    The balance reflects the amount remaining on the value of the prepaid card.

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