You can configure Zenoti such that employees earn commissions on services they perform based on settings configured at the employee or job profiles.

Zenoti first considers the configurations at the item level (in this case, the service level). If there are no commission-related configurations at the item (service) level, then Zenoti looks at the employee and job levels for commission-related configurations and then awards commissions accordingly.

Employee Commissions - Levels of Configuration and Impacts
Configure Service Commissions at the Service (Item) Level 

Before You Begin 

  • You must have already configured service commissions at the employee or job levels. That is, you must have already configured the commissions based on revenue slabs at either one or both these levels (job and employee levels). 

  • Ensure that the employee has the appropriate job (Therapist) and can perform the service. Read: Create Jobs and Specify Services an Employee Can Perform

  • Ensure the invoice is closed. Read: Employee Commissions - Before You Begin

To configure service commissions based on employee or job profiles: 

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources >  Services.

  2. Click Add.
    The Create Service page appears. The commission-related settings appear in the General tab. 

  3. In the General tab, for the Commissions option, select Yes

  4. For Commission Adjustment, specify a number in percentage.
    Example: If you specify 50% here, it means employees will get half the amount of commission. Similarly, if you specify 100%, it means employees will get the full amount, and 200% means, employees will get double the amount of commission. 

  5. For Commission Type, select Commission settings defined at Employee or Job profiles.
    This means, you have already configured commission-related settings at the Employee or Job level. Zenoti processes commissions based on settings at the Employee or Job level (whichever is configured. If both are configured, then employees will get a sum of commissions configured at both levels). Configurations at both, employee and job levels are done based on revenue slabs. 

  6. [Optional] Enter or select details for Pricing, Products, Resources, Custom, Catalog, Variants, Related, and Add-Ons.

  7. Click Finish.
    Employees will earn commissions for services they perform as per commission settings defined at Employee or Job levels (both of which are based on revenue slabs). Read: Configure Service Commissions at the Job Level and Configure Service Commissions at the Individual Employee Level 


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