Normally, therapists earn commissions when guests avail services. However, when guests do not come in for their appointments or cancel their appointments, therapists or service providers stand to lose out on earnings. To boost the morale of your therapists, you can award commissions on no show and canceled invoices. 

To set up commissions for no-show and canceled invoices, you need to:

  1. Configure Organization Level Settings 

  2. Configure Center Level Settings 

After your set up is complete, the front desk must: 

Note: The front desk may collect No-Show or Cancelation fee, if any, and then close such appointments. In most cases, however, the front desk waives off the No-Show or Cancelation fee either entirely or in part by applying the appropriate discount offers. Read: Create Discount Offers for No-Show/Canceled Invoices 

For some therapists, you may want to give an additional incentive for No-Show/Canceled invoices. You can configure the same from the individual employee level using price scaling factor options. Read: Configure Commissions for No-Show/Canceled Invoices at the Employee Level 

After all the configurations are in place, and the front desk marks invoices as either a no-show or a canceled invoice and closes them, you can view commissions for such invoices from these reports:

Note: Therapists can view their commission-related details based on Appointment Status (No-Show and Canceled) from the Appointments section in the Employee Dashboard. 

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