You may want to award commissions to your therapists for Canceled and No-Show invoices in cases where guests either cancel or do not come in for their appointments. 

The front desk must mark such appointments as No-Show or Canceled, collect No Show or Cancelation fee, if any, and then close such appointments. 

In most cases, however, the front desk waives off the No-Show or Cancelation fee either entirely or in part by applying the appropriate discount campaigns. You need to first create such discount offers in Zenoti so that the front desk can apply them on no- show and canceled invoices. 

 To create discount offers for Canceled and No Show invoices:

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level. 

  2. Go to Marketing > Offers > Discounts.

  3. Click Add.
    The Manage Discounts screen appears.

  4. Enter a Discount Name.
    Example: Discount for Canceled and No-Show Invoices. 

  5. Enter a Description.
    Example: Use this Discount for all Canceled and No-Show invoices. 

  6. From Discount, select Invoice level.

  7. Specify Percentage or Flat amount as appropriate.
    Example: For Percentage, if you specify 100%, it means, the front desk can waive off the entire cancelation/no-show fee. If this is set to 50%, it means that the front desk can waive off half the amount of the cancelation/no-show fee.
    Similarly, if you specify a Flat amount as $10, it means the front desk can offer a discount of $10 on the cancelation/no-show fee.

  8. Select Use only for no show invoices.
    The discount offer applies to all no-show invoices at your center.

  9. Select Use only for canceled invoices.
    The discount offer applies to all canceled invoices at your center.
    Important: Do not configure any other settings in any of the other tabs. 

  10. Click Finish.
    Once you make these discounts part of Campaigns, the front desk will be able to apply these discounts on No-Show and Canceled Invoices. These discounts apply to all services within your Center. Read: Creating a Media Campaign

    Important: The front desk can apply these discounts only from the Point of Sale (POS). 

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